Our doctors at Orthopaedic Specialists work closely with the expert therapists at Plaza Physical Therapy to provide unique and patient-centered care in occupational and physical therapy. Our professionals are trained to create and adjust treatment plans that meet the specific rehabilitation needs of each patient. 

Whether you are healing from a bone, joint, or muscle injury, treating an orthopaedic condition, or recovering from surgery, our goal is to give you the proper care to reduce your pain and help you return to your active lifestyle.  

The Plaza Physical Therapy staff is skilled and experienced in providing exceptional care specialized in you. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment method that you may need if you experience an orthopaedic injury or condition that causes you pain and inhibits your daily activities. Essential to your healing process, the goal of physical therapy is to improve your body’s biomechanics for pain-free movement, including increasing mobility and reducing recovery time. Based on your condition and personal goals, each treatment plan is unique and is founded on your active participation in the prescribed exercises and techniques. 


Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy includes a comprehensive range of services to help restore the function of a patient after injury, surgery, and illness. After a thorough evaluation, our specialists develop customized plans with therapeutic everyday activities, exercises, and techniques to help restore your mobility and independence in everyday life. Our goal is to see you live free from pain. 

Physical Therapy Specialized in You

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