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Orthopaedic Specialists’ Foot & Ankle Center is committed to providing specialized care of the foot and ankle. We recognize that stress and discomfort can be debilitating and affect your daily life drastically. For this reason, we have created our Foot & Ankle Center to provide comprehensive treatment to remedy your foot and ankle injuries and conditions.

Specialized in Your Foot & Ankle

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Tuvi Mendel, provides the best possible care and options through his expertise in the latest and most advanced surgical and nonsurgical techniques. As one of the leading orthopaedists specializing in foot and ankle surgery in the Midwest, Dr. Mendel is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating foot and ankle arthritis, deformities, fractures, and sprains. 

We know that pain can interrupt your daily life or sports activities. For that reason, our Foot & Ankle Center offers athletes and individuals of all ages the specialized care you need and deserve to maximize the results of your recovery. Working with our physical therapy department, we also provide custom splints or orthotics to continue the support and healing of your foot or ankle ailment. 

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At Orthopaedic Specialists, our expert foot and ankle surgeon and team prioritize your long-term foot and ankle health to provide you with better results and a better experience.

When you’re ready to discuss your foot- and ankle-related treatment options with Dr. Mendel at our dedicated Foot & Ankle Center, call (563) 344-9292 or request an appointment online.