Arm Pump Surgery

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome, or CECS, is a well-known condition that affects motocross racers and other athletes who experience repetitive stress. Better known as “arm pump” when it affects the upper extremities, CECS causes a number of side effects, including severe pain, swelling, cramping, and weakness in the forearms and hands. These symptoms can be lessened with rest and other non-surgical treatments, but they are exacerbated by exercise. On its own, CECS is not life threatening. However, this condition can become dangerous for riders who may have difficulty gripping, pulling, and grasping the levers and grips on their bikes due to pain or weakness. As a result, CECS may lead to crashes but more commonly results in lost races, because riders can’t safely maintain control of their bike at higher speeds.

In the event behavior modification proves ineffective, surgery may be recommended. In most cases, the fascia (inelastic tissue that encases each muscle compartment) may be divided to reduce pressure.

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