Treating Chronic Shoulder Pain with Tenex Health TX®

Photo: Shoulder

Many popular sports and recreational activities, such as golf, tennis, and racquetball, can lead to shoulder pain, often as a result of degeneration of the tendon (tendinosis). In the past, non-surgical treatment was the only effective approach available to address this concern. If these methods proved unhelpful, patients had limited options. With the Tenex Health TX technique, however, our extensively trained orthopaedic surgeons can offer a minimally invasive solution. The innovative Tenex Health TX technology can also reduce downtime, post-operative discomfort, and the likelihood of needing a follow-up procedure.

FDA-approved Tenex Health TX uses ultrasound imaging to identify the damaged tendon so that our surgeons can target this area and remove only the affected tissue. The patented TX MicroTip technology also means that patients will require no stitches, just a simple adhesive bandage.

If you’re bothered by chronic shoulder pain and have found no relief using non-surgical approaches, our surgeons can determine if Tenex Health TX may be able to help. Talk to us today.