How Can Total Knee Replacement Help Me?

Photo: Knee

Surgery is a big decision, but it can be the right option for certain patients. If you can no longer do the things you love as a result of knee pain, if you have modified your lifestyle significantly to reduce discomfort in this area, you may wonder if knee replacement surgery is right for you. As a board certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. John Hoffman is extensively trained in total knee replacement. He performs approximately 600 total knee replacement procedures a year, and he has completed over 10,000 in his career. He is skilled in using minimally invasive techniques that can reduce healing time and minimize scarring. This rapid recovery approach can make knee surgery a more appealing option for some individuals.

One of the primary reasons to have knee replacement surgery is to maintain or return to higher activity levels. Some examples of common concerns include:

  • Pain with long standing
  • Pain when first getting out of a chair
  • Limited ability to walk distances

If you feel that your freedom to enjoy life as you once did has been reduced due to discomfort, we can help you determine if total knee replacement is appropriate for your needs and goals. Function is an important part of enjoying an active, healthy, and happy life, and replacing a joint that no longer works can help patients regain the ability to participate in many activities.

Our skilled surgeons can provide guidance and advice to allow you to become as well-informed as possible. Talk to us today.