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The Quad City Area’s Only Group of All Board-Certified
Fellowship-Trained Orthopaedic Surgeons

Looking for “The Expert” on Treatment of Thumb and Wrist Arthritis Pain?

Dr. Cobb’s Research on Minimally Invasive Treatment of Thumb and Wrist Arthritis Is in the Top 5 Most Downloaded Research Articles for 2016!

Orthopaedic Specialists would like to congratulate Dr. Cobb and his team for their publication on minimally invasive thumb and wrist arthritis, which was 1 of the top 5 downloaded articles from the Journal of Hand Surgery (JHS) for 2016. This recent announcement from the JHS highlights the public interest in Dr. Cobb’s technique.

About Thumb Arthritis

Basal joint arthritis, also referred to as thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) arthritis, is a relatively common condition that affects the joints at the base of the thumb, and may also involve the wrist. Caused by a deterioration of cartilage, this ailment often leads to symptoms such as pain, limited range of motion, and pinch or grip weakness. A tell-tale sign is usually an inability to open jars due to significant discomfort and/or lack of strength.

Treatment of Thumb Arthritis

Dr. Cobb has developed a minimally invasive approach for treatment of thumb arthritis that has become one of the most effective and well-established treatment methods to date. The procedure is called arthroscopic resection arthroplasty (ARA) for basal joint arthritis. With this technique, an arthroscope (small video camera) is inserted through tiny incisions made at the base of the thumb to provide visualization of the arthritic joints. The video feed from the arthroscope is projected onto a chairside monitor, providing surgeons with a complete view of the treatment area as they clean the joints and carefully remove the arthritis using special instruments. The incisions are so small that no sutures are necessary in most cases.

Published in the Journal of Hand Surgery—the prestigious official journal of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand—Dr. Cobb’s study evaluated the long-term outcomes of ARA. Dr. Cobb and his associates concluded that the more invasive approach with interposition is not necessary. Furthermore, very early recovery with respect to pain relief and strength were obtained with his minimally invasive technique. Dr. Cobb’s series is the largest in global literature.

Impact on Healthcare Costs & Patient Recovery

The study’s conclusion is good news! Abandoning the more invasive technique helps to reduce healthcare costs and eliminates the risk of potential biomaterial-related side effects (e.g. additional pain, cystic bony changes, graft failure, etc.). Furthermore, this study confirms that excellent results from early recovery after this procedure are maintained long-term. In fact, many patients continue to improve with time rather than the typical loss in function frequently seen with conventional joint replacements.

Schedule Your Consultation

Because of his outstanding success with his minimally invasive treatment of thumb and wrist arthritis, Dr. Cobb frequently treats out-of-town patients from all over the United States.

If you are suffering from thumb and/or wrist arthritis, minimally invasive ARA may be an excellent option for restoring your quality of life with less pain, limited scarring, and a quicker recovery compared to open alternatives.

For more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cobb, please contact Orthopaedic Specialists today.

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