Electric Shock Feeling in Hand

Numbness and Electric Shock sensations
Numbness on the inside of the hand and in the ring and little fingers is an early sign of Cubital Tunnel syndrome. The numbness may develop into pain.

Numbness is often felt when the elbows are bent for long periods, such as when talking on the phone or while sleeping. The hand and thumb may also become clumsy as the muscles become affected.

Cause of shock sensation
Tapping or bumping the nerve in the Cubital Tunnel will cause an electric shock sensation down to the little finger. This is called Tinel’s Sign.

To diagnose your ailment, your doctor will take a detailed medical history. You will be asked questions about which fingers are affected and whether or not your hand is weak. You will also be asked about your work and home activities and any past injuries to your elbow. Your doctor will then do a physical exam.

The Cubital Tunnel is only one of several spots where the Ulnar Nerve can get pinched. Your doctor will try to find the exact spot that is causing your symptoms. The prodding may hurt, but it is very important to pinpoint the area causing you trouble.

Special tests
You may need to do special tests to get more information about the nerve. One common test is the nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test. The NCV test measures the speed of the impulses traveling along the nerve. Impulses are slowed when the nerve is compressed or constricted.

The NCV test is sometimes combined with an electromyogram (EMG). The EMG tests the muscles of the forearm that are controlled by the Ulnar Nerve to see whether the muscles are working properly. If they aren’t, it may be because the nerve is not working well.

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